When RumShopRyan and I take trips down to Key West, he usually goes for the Papa’s Pilar Rum and I go for the Hemingway cats. Wait, what?! Cats?! Yes, cats.

What was once the home of legendary author, Ernest Hemingway, is now home to over 40 cats. Pretty much sounds like what my home would have been if RumShopRyan never married me.

The Hemingway cats are quite special. Not only are they polydactyl (six-toed) but some are even descendants of Ernest’s beloved cat, Snow White.

Ernest Hemingway, Key West, Hemingway Cats

Hemingway Cat, Polydactyl, Key West, Cats

Hemingway House, Ernest Hemingway, Polydactyl, Key West, Cat

When I heard about this utopia for crazy cat ladies, I HAD to see it for myself.

On my first adventure to the Conch Republic, I hopped off the Key West Express with excitement and made a B-line for Whitehead Street where the author’s home resides. Ok, so maybe I stopped at Fat Tuesday first for a Rumrunner and then went to his house. When in Key West right!

Ernest Hemingway, Key West, Cats, Ernest Hemingway Home

As soon as you walk onto the grounds of the Hemingway estate, the search for kitties can begin!

The cats are free to roam all over the premises, so it kind of feels like an Easter egg hunt. Only you’re not looking for decorative eggs, you’re looking for furballs with big feet.

You’ll find them over, under and around every corner. Just don’t try to pick them up and put them in a basket. I’m sure you would get kicked out and labeled a crazy cat lady for life.

Hemingway House, Cats, Key West

Hemingway house, Key West, Cats

Hemingway House, Cats, Key West

Hemingway House, Key West, Cats

Cats, Key West, Hemingway House, Ernest Hemingway

Cats, Key West, Hemingway House

If friendly felines aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy the lush landscape and take a guided tour of the property.

During the tour you will learn many humorous and interesting facts about Papa and his beautiful home. The urinal story is my favorite. You’re just gonna have to go to see what I’m talking about.

Hemingway House, Ernest Hemingway, Key West, Hemingway Cats

Hemingway House, Ernest Hemingway, Key West

Hemingway House, Ernest Hemingway, Key West

Thankfully the historic home and cats were left unscathed after Hurricane Irma. Make sure it’s on your “To-Do” list next time you visit Key West. Just go…right meowww!


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