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Before we tell you all about the Captiva Island Inn, we need to set the scene for you.

The beaches are covered with collectable seashells. Dolphins cruise the calm clear waters. The warm sand kisses your feet with every step. And it has been known as a spot where you might spot a celebrity or two. No, this isn’t an island in the Caribbean. This is something else.

Let me introduce you to Captiva Island, located in sunny Southwest Florida. Yes, even the name captivates and draws you in!

Captiva Island Florida

Captiva Island Florida

This island paradise is special to Castaway Crystal and I. Not because it’s located in our geographical back yard, but because this is the island we decided to get married on. You can read about that grand day here!

Why did we choose this location? As I mentioned it has stunning beauty with it’s beaches and wild life, but it has that something else. It has that “IT” factor. We chose Captiva Island because it has special laid back island vibe. It’s a complete departure from the crowded roads and hustle of Fort Myers. Captiva is home to charming restaurants, cute boutique shops, and hidden multi-million dollar addresses. We also chose Captiva Island because we had always wanted to stay at the Captiva Island Inn located on the one-of-a-kind Andy Rosse Lane.

Captiva Island Inn

Picture a street that is surrounded by lush tropical trees and gentle breezes. Picture a street that has live island music being played on the patios of the cutest island cafes. Picture a street were you can walk from the beach on the Gulf side to the waters of Pine Island Sound on the other in 5 minutes. Now picture staying in your own island cabin on this street for less than $200 a night.

Can you see how we fell in love with this location?!

Captiva Island Inn

Because this post is titled, “Where To Fall Asleep On Captiva Island,” I thought I’d dive into our experience at Captiva Island Inn.

The Inn is a combination of cottages, suites and a large vacation home. It seduces its visitors with bright island colors and room names like; Mimosa, Daisy, Orchid, Love Shack, and Periwinkle Loft. Most rooms are large and appointed with full-size refrigerators so that you can keep your island beverages cold. You check into the office and they hand you a real key, not some cheap key-card gimmick that doesn’t work. This is real island style living at its most relaxing best.

Orchid room of Captiva Island Inn

Captiva Island Inn pool

Almost married in orchid room

Captiva Island Inn

Captiva Island Inn

One of the things we enjoyed most about staying at the Captiva Island Inn was the breakfast vouchers you receive during your stay. The property is actually a Bed & Breakfast. During your stay, you’ll get free breakfast coupons to use at either the Key Lime Bistro or RC Otters, two amazing restaurants located only feet from your room. During our stay I hammered down the Breakfast Burrito at RC Otters once and the Bistro Benedict twice at Key Lime Bistro.

Key Lime Bistro Restaurant Captiva Island FL

The four days we stayed on Captiva were filled with cherished memories and lots of fun in the sun with family and friends. I guess getting married on an island can do that. It was so much fun I wish I could get married every weekend! Of course, with an amazing gal like Castaway Crystal on my arm, it would be an complete pleasure to do it over and over again.

If you find yourself looking for island vibes here in Florida, I encourage you to explore Captiva Island, located on the northern end of Sanibel Island. It’s a place that will leave a mark on you. It’s a place that will show up in your dreams. It’s a place where people applaud with excitement as the sun dips into the sea each night. It’s not just another dot on the map or another cookie-cutter tourist hotspot….it’s something else.

Another great place to visit that’s just a couple islands up from Captiva is Boca Grande. We spend a day there and had an amazing day. You can read all about the best things to do on Boca Grande here.



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