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Being the least populated out of the Cayman Islands (170 residents), Little Cayman is best known for it’s majestic world under the water. Scuba and snorkel enthusiasts from all over flock to this remote rock to observe the stunning sea life that surrounds it.

Thanks to our Castaway Club member, Pirates Point Resort, RumShopRyan and I were given the opportunity to visit Little Cayman. We are not divers, and frankly until now, we weren’t even fans of snorkeling due to the snorkel and mask being so uncomfortable. Breathing out of your mouth, getting salt water in your snorkel, mask fogging up and not fitting right – no thank you! Please point us to the nearest beach bar.

With all that being said, we salty-shore lovers just knew we couldn’t pass up on experiencing the magic under sea level. It was time to get out of our comfort zone.

We were thinking about getting the full face snorkel masks for quite a while. You know, the ones that make you look like a Snork. Anyone else remember that Saturday morning cartoon? It was one of my favorites. Anyways, enough with the childhood memories – we knew this trip would be the perfect time to give the masks a try since we were going to be in nature’s greatest aquarium. If we were ever going to like snorkeling, these masks would solve all of our problems. AND THEY DID!

On our exploration day, we tested out the new snorkel gear at Point Of Sand Beach. This stretch of sand is AMAZING! It had clear turquoise water with a hint of pink sand, an old dock for photo ops and to look down at the marine life passing by, and a reef just steps away from the shoreline.

Point of Sand, Little Cayman, Beach, Sign

Point Of Sand, Little Cayman, Cayman Islands, Beach

Dock, Point of Sand, Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

Point of Sand, Little Cayman, Beach, Cayman Islands

We purchased our masks on Amazon. There are tons to choose from but we bought ours in particular because they came with a waterproof cell phone case. We bloggers like to document EVERYTHING!

Buying stuff online can always make you a little skeptical, but surprisingly the cases and masks worked and fit exceptionally well.

Full face snorkel mask

The masks aren’t suction cupped to your face and you can breathe normally out of your nose. We both felt like we were getting enough air as well. The masks never fogged up nor did any water get in. Our cell phones were safe in the cases and we actually could get some fairly decent pictures and videos.

With the full face mask being so comfortable, I didn’t have to fumble around with it like I would with a regular mask. I was able to relax and observe the little under water community of fishies swimming between the coral.

Little Cayman, Point of Sand, Snorkeling, Beach, Coral

The only thing we didn’t do was dive under with them. The reef was so close to the surface, we didn’t have to.

If you struggle with snorkeling like we did, I definitely suggest you give the full face mask a try. Here is a link to them on Amazon if you want to give them a try. It truly was the BEST. SNORKELING. EXPERIENCE. EVER! Being on a beautiful island like Little Cayman also helps too (smile, winky face).

Never Stop Exploring

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