Are you off on a worldwide adventure? While it might be a challenge to budget for a holiday to far off reaches, it’s only fair to treat yourself to some of the most exotic drinks every now and then.

While there are loads of ways to make sure you keep long term travel affordable, that doesn’t mean you can’t splurge on the odd alcoholic beverage here and there. Today, let’s run through four of the best to try when you’re off on a sunny adventure to the Bahamas.

1. Yellow Bird

Bahamas Rum Drinks


This fruity cocktail has a mysterious origin, with some sources linking it to a famous song popular in Haiti. Regardless, the blend has proven a popular mix for travelers and locals alike since its introduction in the mid 50s.

The recipe includes Galliano, Barcadi, Banana Liqueur and a combination of orange and pineapple juice. Blend that all together with a few ice cubes and your Yellow Bird will be ready to serve up on a hot, steamy Caribbean day.


2. Frozen Rum Runner

Bahamas Rum Drinks


Keeping in the theme of fruity, icy refreshment, the Frozen Rum Runner is another fantastic option for anyone looking to quench their thirst in tropical conditions. The FRR sees banana, blackberry and orange provide the main flavor kick, with Grenadine added for an alcoholic twist.

This particular option is a favorite amongst beachgoers, who’re prone to relaxing in the sand with a tall glass of this cocktail in their hands. With a slushy-esque texture, make sure you don’t drink this one too fast or you’ll get brain freeze.

3. Sky Juice

Bahamas Cocktails


With a recipe which is akin to a White Russian, this recipe sees coconut milk mixed with gin and rum. The sweet concoction is unparalleled, with it slowly growing to become one of the most popular in the region. For fans of dessert, cream can on occasion be added to make the mixture that little bit thicker.


4. Bahama Mama

Bahamas Rum Drinks


This humorously named drink is an iconic tipple of choice in the region. It sees a mixture of different rum types combined to provide a real buzz. The piece de resistance comes in the form of a spurt of coffee-flavored liqueur. This additional kick is what makes the Bahama Mama different to its peers in the Caribbean cocktail world.

Have any of these caught your attention? Be sure to try out one of these cocktails if you’re ever in the Bahamas.



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