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You love a good beach bar right? Well the Fort Myers Beach Bars you’ll find up and down the island the perfect places to soak in your Fort Myers Beach Vacation.

The hubs and I have started a new video series called “Our Top Five” – because, you know, our opinion matters. I kid, I kid.

But seriously, we want to share with you our favorite things about the islands, beaches and many other topics to help you plan for your next salty adventure.

To kick off the series, we decided to spotlight our own slice of coastal paradise – Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Watch the video below to check out our top five beach bars on Fort Myers Beach. Fort Myers Beach has a ton of great restaurants both on the back bay, on the beach, and just off the beach. Our criteria for this list was that the restaurant/bar had to be on the beach. A real beach bar.

Now sit back and we’ll help you find the best rum runners, views and entertainment on da beach.

Our Top 5 Beach Bars on Fort Myers Beach

5. The Sunset Beach Tropical Grill

Sunset Beach Fort Myers Beach

The Sunset Beach Tropical Grill is located in the heart of Fort Myers Beach, right in the Times Square area. This beach bar and restaurant offers up amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico and the pier. I typically order the fish tacos and a cold Corona and watch the waves roll ashore. We encourage you to do the same!

4. The Lani Kai Beach Bar

Lani Kai Beach Bar Fort Myers Beach

As we mentioned in the video, no visit to Ft. Myers Beach is complete without a stop at the Lani Kai’s beach bar. This hotel is ground zero for fun in the sun and they serve up a rum runner that is probably too damn good! This beach offers up live music and lots of fun activities…especially during spring break!

In the photo above, the Lani Kai is the large hotel in the bottom right.

3. The Outrigger Beach Bar

Fort Myers Beach Bars Out Rigger

The Outrigger beach bar is located at the Outrigger Beach Resort, a resort located about mid-island. While it’s located at a resort, it’s still a local favorite. It’s small, but it’s lively! It’s located on the widest stretch of sand on Ft. Myers Beach and is a great place to watch the sunset.

2. The Salty Crab

Fort Myers Beach Bars Salty Crab

We love the Salty Crab! It’s a super casual beach bar that has tables right on the sand. Food and drink seem to taste better when you have your toes in the sand! The Salty Crab has live entertainment, big cheap beers and lots of good beach bar food. Definitely stop in the next time you’re on Ft. Myers Beach.

1. The Cottage (Shucker’s)

Fort Myers Beach Bars The Cottage

The Cottage is a fantastic beach bar…well actually beach bars, plural. There’s 3 great beach bars in one here. There’s the salty and sand beach bar on the bottom floor where you’ll find corn hole, toes in the sand beach eats and lots of beach goers enjoying themselves. The upstairs you’ll find the newly renovated “Shucker’s” which has more of a sports bar type atmosphere. Then in the evening, make your way over to their 3rd bar, the deck bar, at least that’s what Ryan calls it. We love The Cottage and know you will too!

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Places To Stay on Fort Myers Beach

We live only 5 minutes from Fort Myers Beach, so we know the best places to recommend people to stay. These are the places we recommend for friends and family.

If you are planning a vacation in the area, then you will probably want to visit Sanibel and Captiva Islands as well. You can see Sanibel from Fort Myers Beach and it and Captiva are amazing places to see. We actually like the beaches there better as they are more clear and have better color.

Here are are favorite lunch spots on Sanibel and here are our top things to do on Captiva. If you are planning to stay on either of these two islands, Captiva Island Inn is our favorite. It puts you right in the middle of all the fun.

And lastly, if you love history, then you’ll love this book about the history of Fort Myers Beach. Some of that history you can still see to this day.

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