Aruba has so many things to do and see. I know most people find it hard to pull themselves away from those beautiful beaches in the hotel districts, but if you can, there are treasures to be seen. One of which is the California Lighthouse.

I don’t know what it is, there’s just something special about lighthouses. It might be the Kansas kid in me that still finds the island life super cool, who knows. But by the crowds coming and going at Aruba’s California Lighthouse, we aren’t the only people who love lighthouses!

You will find the California standing tall on Aruba’s northern end. You can see it easily all the way up and down both Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. It looms in the distance calling to Aruba’s visitors….come, climb me!

Yes, the lighthouse is open and you are free to climb the winding steps to the top for amazing views down Aruba’s famous beaches and rugged north shore.

We, however, did not climb to the top of Aruba’s lighthouse. Why you ask? Because we hiked up the 587 steps of Hooiberg Hill the day before and the last thing our legs wanted to do was climb more stairs. But we brought the drone with us so those aerial views would not escape us! Watch the video and browse the photos below and you’ll see the stunning views.

Aruba’s California Lighthouse

Both Crystal and I definitely recommend a visit to the California Lighthouse when staying on Aruba. It’s a beautiful structure and offers amazing views of the island.

Aruba California Lighthouse

Aruba California Lighthouse

Aruba California Lighthouse

Aruba California Lighthouse

Aruba California Lighthouse

Aruba California Lighthouse

Have you climbed to the top of the California? If so, tell us about in our Be A Caribbean Castaway Facebook Group!

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