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Aruba natural bridge

We usually like to keep things chill and positive here on this little Caribbean travel blog. But sometimes we need to warn you about certain things so you don’t waste your time during your visit.

During our trip to Aruba, we found one of these “places not to visit” as we were bouncing around the island.

That place is the Natural Bridge.

Take a look at the video below and you’ll see why.

Aruba Natural Bridge – Don’t Bother

The original Natural Bridge was a true natural wonder. It was one of the biggest spans of its type in the world. But as you saw in the video, it collapsed several years ago.

The tours still bring people out there because of a second, smaller natural bridge next to the collapsed one. But in our opinion, this is not something to waste your time on. When we went, it was full of sargassum seaweed. So much so, you couldn’t even see the water. It was nasty. Plus it was hard to see the full opening because it was so closed in.

They still have a building here that sells Aruba and Natural Bridge swag. I’m not sure why it’s even open. For tour operators that still bring unsuspecting tourists out to the spot I guess.

A Better Aruba Natural Bridge

During our bouncing around the desert backcountry of Aruba, we did find another natural bridge, a better natural bridge. It’s small but has a lot of character!

This one is located at Wariruri Beach. You’ll see it in the video above.

It doesn’t have a huge opening, but it’s easy to get close to it for some cool photo ops. You can also climb to the top for some more epic shots.

Wariruri Beach and its Natural Bridge are located north of the old gold mine ruins. It’s probably a good idea to have a Jeep or an ATV. The dirt roads can get pretty rough and there are some sandy spots you could get stuck in, so just be careful. It’s totally worth it though!

Aruba natural bridge

Aruba Natural Bridge

This spot is visited by Jeep and ATV tours, so it could be a little busy at times, but they come and go pretty quick.

I hope this story helps if you are planning a trip to Aruba. It’s a great island with lots to see, just don’t waste your time at the old Natural Bridge site and check out the one at Wariruri Beach!



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