Hey Castaways! Crystal here!

We have something new on the website that we are super excited to share with you!

With all the milage our suitcase wheels have accumulated, it’s no surprise that many of our friends and readers frequently ask us for travel advice. So much so that I’ve thought about changing my career path from licensed massage therapist to travel agent.


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But seriously, our emails and instant messengers are filled with questions from excited Caribbean travelers like yourself, wanting to know where the best places are to stay, activities to do and best places to dine while on their island of choice.

We love seeing these inquisitive messages come through because we enjoy helping others make amazing tropical memories like we do.

With all of that said, a lightbulb went off. Why not create a directory for each Caribbean country that answers the three most common travel questions we get — Where to stay? What to do? Where to eat?

So we did!

We are excited to announce – The Best Of The Caribbean Directory.

Best of the Caribbean directory


We’re still building out each destination’s “Best Of” directory, but wanted to inform you now because you’ll start to see social media posts about new “Best Of The Caribbean” listings, and you Castaways should know what it all means!

Our hope is that the Best of the Caribbean Directory will be your go-to place to start planning your next vacation in paradise.


best of the caribbean


You’ll be able to find the directory on the home page of RumShopRyan.com in the top navigation buttons and just below the header photo. You will also start to see image buttons on the individual blog posts that take you to the “Best Of ” Directory for the relevant destination the blog post is talking about.

We’re adding to the directory every week so keep checking back for new info. Thank you so much for being a part of this salty Caribbean website! Ryan and I truly love sharing these beautiful destinations and helping you find the best of your St. Somewhere.

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