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Year-round warm weather, swaying palm trees on the white-sand beaches… Yacht Charter at Saint Vincent and sail around is the best option for exploring this beautiful nation of islands. Most of the year, the winds around Saint Vincent and the Grenadines travel at around 15 knots, makes it an exceptional condition for sailing. The best route for the trip is to begin from Blue Lagoon Marina and sail in the wind all the way down to the south and visit all these fantastic isles in the nation along the way.

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Day 1: Travel back in time at Kingstown

Kingstown will be your first stop on the island, here is also the central port city for Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. This capital city well-preserved many architectures from the 19th century, it is not difficult to find cathedrals with beautiful stained glass. It is also worth visiting some bustling local markets and experiencing the life of the Caribbean. Rent a yacht at Saint Vincent and begin your cruise at Blue Lagoon Marina, where you can find restaurants, bars, dive shops, and everything you will need for the trip.


Day 2: Have an exquisite dinner at Bequia

Sail a pleasant 8.3 miles from Saint Vincent to Bequia, and officially begin your sailing trip! Be sure not to miss the famous Princess Margaret Beach, the deep and warm water around it makes here perfect for swimmers. Take a Bequia’s open-backed taxi and explore in the lush green forests. Or if you are energetic enough, take a hike to the summit, Mount Pleasant, and enjoy the stunning view over the Admiralty Bay. Pamper yourself and have dinner at any of the divine restaurants on the island, a stunning beach view is guaranteed. Sugar Reef Cafe in Spring Bay is an excellent option for feasting on seafood, it is also a great place for sipping a cocktail.


Day 3: Rock ‘n’ roll with rock stars at Mustique


This private island is one of the favorite holiday places for the William and Kate family, many other celebrities like David Bowie and Mick Jagger was also spotted on the enchanting Macaroni Beach of the Mustique island. Moor your yacht at Britannia Bay, take a break on the beach after your 19-mile sail from Saint Vincent, and then walk up to the legendary Basil’s Bar. This iconic landmark of Mustique situated just above water and offers a stunning view of the azure sea. It is also where the only place for a dynamic night out on the island – it regularly hosts Jump up with Splash and Sunset Jazz evenings, both with live music.

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Day 4: Scuba diving in the marine park

Pure heaven for snorkeling and diving lovers! Protected as a marine park, this cluster of 5 uninhabited cays offers an exceptional diving experience. There are four local dive shops in the surrounding islands to cope with your needs. If you anchor your yacht near the western coast of Mayreau and go scuba diving, you can find a 140-foot WWI British gunship’s. It is also possible to watch green and hawksbill turtles freely swimming in the lagoons when snorkeling.


Day 5: Party hard with local fishermen at Mayreau

Flourished by palm trees, yet only has a handful of vehicles, this under-developed island is home for approximately 200 local villagers, so there is a high chance that you will find a beach just for yourself for the whole day. Anchor your yacht at Salt Whistle Bay, sit back on the beach and enjoy a cold beer. Don’t be worried that the beer will ever go short, Mayreau’s weekly beer order is twice of its much more populated neighbor Union Island! As the smallest inhabited island of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, it has more than a dozen bars for you to go barhopping.

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Day 6: Digital detox at Petit Saint Vincent

Don’t waste your precious Caribbean sailing holiday on your phone, it is time to do a digital detox on this pristine private island Petit Saint Vincent! Many tourists come here to disconnect from the rest of the world, on some of the beaches you could really feel like that you are on a deserted island. The soft, fine sand on the beaches will make you want to stay forever. The vast rainforest here stays intact, the perfect place for connecting with nature.


Day 7: Circle back to Saint Vincent or let the wind take you further

Time to wrap up this dreamy holiday of yacht charter at Saint Vincent and go back to the starting point.  However, if you have enough time, why not extend the journey and sail straight down to Grenada?

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