If you can pull yourself away from Aruba’s stunning beaches and want to mix a little exercise and adventure into your vacation, then hike up Hooiberg Hill.

I think I’m still catching my breath from all the stairs, but it was great to check this MUST DO Aruba hike off our bucket list. Here is a video of the climb, and I did make good on my promise to get on the treadmill more!

Aruba’s Hooiberg Hill

It’s best to do this either in the morning or in the late afternoon. Aruba gets HOT so make sure you find a cool time of day.

A Few Facts About Aruba’s Hooiberg Hill

There are 587 steps to the top. Don’t worry there are a couple small rest areas on the way up, I (Ryan) needed each one of them! Have fun and enjoy the view from the top!

Hooiberg is Dutch and translates to Haystack.

Hooiberg Hill is a volcanic formation which is 165 meters (541 feet) above sea level, and is roughly located in the center of Aruba.

Although Hooiberg seems like the highest point of the island it is in fact the second highest. Jamanota, a hill located in the Arikok National Park stands at 189 meters (620 feet) above sea level, and is the true highest point of Aruba.

Aruba Hooiberg hill

Aruba Hooiberg hill

If Aruba is on your vacation list, here are a few more videos that will help you find the best things Aruba has to offer!

Please let us know if you have climbed up Hooiberg Hill or if it’s on your to-do list. We want to know what you thought. You can join our Caribbean Castaways Facebook group and tell us all about it!



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