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Why is Honeymoon Beach one of St. John’s Best Beaches?

Just watch and you’ll see everything you need to know.

Crystal and I absolutely love Honeymoon Beach. This was our second time here and we only wished we could have had more time. I guess the only way to fix that problem is to go back!

Honeymoon Beach St. John best beaches

About Honeymoon Beach, St. John USVI

Honeymoon Beach is one of the closest beaches to Cruz Bay, but it’s a tad tricky to get to. You can either take the Lind Point Trail which is located behind the National Park building in Cruz Bay, or you can take a taxi or your rental car to the Caneel Bay Resort gate (resort is still closed), there you can hop on a shuttle golf cart for the short ride to Honeymoon Beach. I believe it’s a $6 fee. Or you could wash ashore like we did from a charter boat. It really doesn’t matter you get here, just g0!

Honeymoon Beach St. John best beaches

Honeymoon Beach St. John best beaches

Once you arrive, you’ll notice that the water simply glows. St. John is covered in stunning beaches, but it just seems like the water here radiates that Caribbean blue a little more. This is why Honeymoon beach makes our list of St. John’s best beaches.

I can’t help but just gaze out at. There’s needs to be a way to bottle that magic up!

Honeymoon Beach St. John best beaches

Another reason Honeymoon Beach is super awesome, is because it’s home to Bikini’s on the Beach! Bikini’s on the Beach is a cute little beach bar that serves cold rum drinks like Painkillers, Pina Coladas, and my favorite, the Rum Punch. Lauren makes a good one! They also serve food in case you get the munchies. Things like Tuna Salad Wraps, their Monster Burger, All-beef Hotdogs, Salmon Burgers, Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Grilled Cheese.

Am I making you hungry yet??!!

Honeymoon Beach St. John best beaches

Next to Bikini’s on the Beach is VI Eco Tours. Here you can grab some awesome shirts and souvenirs, as well as rent their big selection of activities. They offer Kayak Tours, Snorkel Tours, Hiking Tours, Boat Tours, Tours with Lunch, Night Kayak Tours, Sup Rentals and can even help you with weddings and group events. They do offer a day pass that gets you greater access. Here is some information on that.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention. Honeymoon Beach is one of the best spots to see the famous donkeys of St. John. St. John has wild donkeys that roam the island and have become a bit of an attraction. Spotting them on the beach relaxing like a tourist is definitely one of the more sought after photos. Because of Honeymoon is relatively isolated, they tend to frequently stop here. That and I hear they are cared for and treated kindly by the people who run Bikini’s and VI Eco Tours.

Ahhhhh, so many great things about this beach. I know we are ready to go back.

Honeymoon Beach St. John best beaches

The next time you visit St. John, make sure you spend a day at Honeymoon Beach. And when you do share a photo of your day in our Caribbean Castaways Facebook group! We would love to see it!

Cheers and #justgo!


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