Food can totally make or break a Virgin Islands vacation. To make the most of your time on island we always recommend eating at places that offer you something you can’t get back home. That’s why the next time you are on St. Thomas, I recommend you try Navy Beach, a restaurant with a Mega Yacht view.

We found Navy Beach as we were boarding our charter aboard Viramar in Yacht Haven Grande. If you are unfamiliar with Yacht Haven Grande, it’s located right next to the cruise ship dock on St. Thomas. It’s home to yachts of all shapes, sizes, and prices. Some you can charter like Viramar, and some you can’t, all you can do is stare and dream.

Navy Beach gives you the perfect setting to dream away, but makes it even sweeter with craft cocktails and an exquisite menu.

St. Thomas Restaurant Navy Beach

The restaurant is open-air with prime waterfront positioning in the marina, and features a delightful mix of fully covered and sun-dappled outdoor seating for more than 100 guests. All guests are treated to unobstructed views of the surrounding yachts and Charlotte Amalie Harbor. The dining area spills out onto Yacht Haven Grande’s prized “canon lawn,” making it the perfect venue for live music performances, private events and weddings.

Did I do a good job of setting the scene? I hope so! Now let’s talk about the food.

The Navy Beach menu features coastal cuisine dishes crafted with Caribbean flair — including Tuna Crudo, Soy-Glazed Red Snapper, Island Spiced Mahi Mahi, and Crispy Fish Tacos— alongside signature favorites imported from the original Montauk flagship, including the Yunnan Ribs, Grilled Avocado, Jumbo Lump Crabcake, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Truffled Mac, Mexi-Corn, and the Navy Burger.

Is your mouth watering? Mine is!

Navy Beach restaurant st. thomas painkiller drink

St. Thomas best restaurants

Seriously though, if your destination is St. Thomas and you come by cruise ship, fly in, or live on island, you will absolutely love the vibes, setting, and food at Navy Beach. If you go, take a photo and share it in the Caribbean Castaways Facebook Group! Would love to see you there having fun!

Cheers Castaways!


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