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Episode 5 is all about Caribbean etiquette and odd laws that you need to beware of and watch out for. Knowing these will save you some embarrassment, headaches and maybe a fine. No one wants to be an annoying tourist, no one wants to get arrested on their vacation so we are here to give you some tips on what to do and what not to do on island.

Episode 5: Caribbean Etiquette and Odd Laws

Good morning/Good afternoon/Good night

  • This is a big one. Island locals respect and appreciate an appropriate greeting before you start giving them your orders at a restaurant, or if you need something from customer service at a resort or even when you are next in line at the grocery store, give a proper greeting.

Island Time Is Real 

  • The islands move at a slower pace than what we are use to in the states. Don’t be in a rush, enjoy the scenery, enjoy your company. We’ve seen so many negative reviews about service being slow in the islands. That’s just how it is, and they aren’t going to change so learn to adapt to their pace. If you do, you’ll have a much more enjoyable vacation.

Open Container driving

  • In the USVI, it’s okay to have a beer and drive around. It is not okay to be drunk at all. I do believe they have a law about drinking and driving, but it’s not enforced. You will get a ticket super fast if they see you on your cell phone and driving.

Don’t Wear Camouflage 

  • Camouflage print is banned in a number of Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, and St. Lucia. The reason why Camo is not allowed is because they don’t want civilians mistaken for police officers. So if you don’t want to get fined, keep those cute camo capris at home.

Bathing Suit Etiquette

  • It’s not ok to walk around in a bathing suite in town. Yes, it’s an island but they still have towns and proper dress is required. You can get fined $270 in Grenada if you’re walking around in your bathing suite and you’re not on the beach – So don’t listen to Kenny Chesney on this one – No Shoes, No Shirt – there’s going to be a problem.

Topless Beaches

  •  Since we are on the topic of clothing or lack there of – Not every island allows nudity on the beaches – French islands yes, they have nude beach, but for the dutch, USVI and BVI that is a big no-no. On the french side of St. Martin it’s apparently ok to even hike nude, since Ryan came across a topless hiker once. I’m sure he was just mortified. LOL. Personally hiking topless seems dangerous, what if you fall or run into a thorn bush? Ouch!


  • Using profanity in public is against the law in St. Kitts and Nevis (possibly other islands as well) – Famous rappers 50 cent was arrested and fined $1,100 for using profanity during a music festival back in 2016.

Air drying

  • Here’s an interesting one from Trinidad & Tobago – It’s against the law to air dry your laundry if it’s hanging over a street. So keep your swimsuits and towels off the balconies of your resort or villa or you could get a $200 fine.

Belize Fishing 

  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has implemented a law that requires everyone on a boat to have a Sports Fishing Licenses. That means if you go on a charter and you’re with your whole family, Grandma, the kids – everyone has to have a fishing licenses. Yet if you are not on a boat and are wading in the water and fishing, you do not need a license.

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