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We all know the Caribbean has stunning beaches, muscle soothing resorts, and cheap rum–but don’t forget, there’s a lot more to the islands than that. The other side of the coin is a colorful culture that combines African, Spanish, Dutch, American, and French flavors into a style that’s uniquely Caribbean. I think that’s the special sauce that keeps people coming back. It’s easy to find nice beaches and resorts in places like Florida, but it’s the vibe, culture and people that keep Crystal and I going back time and time again.

Because the islands are so addictive (I’m addicted for sure! My tattoos will let you know), people buy souvenirs so they can decorate their homes in order to keep those Caribbean memories fresh as conch salad. But souvenirs tend to be small and light so they can be packed in luggage. What if I told you there’s a company that can bring authentic Caribbean art from real artists to you in ways that lets “island time” never subside.

Let me introduce you to My Island Art, owned by Jeff Van Derpool, another Kansas guy! I tell Crystal all the time she just can’t get away from the Kansas thing. It follows her now like a playful poke in the side.

Jeff consistently travels to the Caribbean and meets with local artists. His goal is to promote local artists, and reproduce the art in a way that can be used and loved through home decor. Sounds awesome right?! It is.

My Island Art lets you bring the bright colors of the Caribbean home so that you can enjoy it in a variety of ways. Here is a short list of ways the art can be brought to you…


My Island Art

From Key West to Bonaire, Bahamas to St. Barths–you’ll find the island flavor that you suits you best. Here is a list of Caribbean artists and their art.

We also learned that My Island Art is also the perfect business partner. Whether you are an artist looking to expand your work in unique and exciting new ways, or a boutique gift shop looking for creative new works to add, MIA is a go to source.  And if you are a bar, restaurant, or resort looking to create custom branded merchandise and accessories, My Island Art’s production team can create just the custom gear you need.

Crystal and I are happy to announce that My Island Art is now a member of our Best of the Caribbean Directory, and we definitely recommend you take a look. We have coasters, a cutting board and a few other things we bought a few years ago we still use every day. The items keep our humble home colorful and full of island flavor.

Check them out and we hope you love the art as much as Crystal and I do.



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