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Planning a trip to St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands? Then I bet you’re planning to visit a beach or two. To help you find the best St. Croix beaches, we put together this list of our recommended beaches.

Before we jump into the beaches of St. Croix, if you are looking for a great book about the island, you’re going to love this one. It’s called Fantastic St. Croix – Too Much To Do On One Vacation. You’ll find just about anything you want to know about St. Croix in it.

Alright, let’s dive into 17 of the best St. Croix beaches that should be on your MUST VISIT list!

First up is…

Rainbow Beach


Located on the west end of St. Croix, just north of Frederiksted, Rainbow Beach is known for it’s calm waters and powder white sand. And because you know Crystal and I are always on the hunt for beach bars, we listed Rainbow beach first because it’s home to the Rhythms Beach Bar. A must visit beach bar when on St. Croix. Rainbow Beach has bathroom facilities and chair rentals so you can set up camp and send the whole day on the sand. Oh, and don’t forget to get the Cruzan Confusion drink at Rhythms! You’ll love it!

Turtle Beach – Buck Island

When people ask us what the MUST SEE places on St. Croix are, we always start the list with a visit to Buck Island. Buck island is an uninhabited island located off the northeast shore of St. Croix. There you will find Turtle Beach, a beach that is consistently ranked as one the best beaches in the US Virgin Islands. To get there, just about any day charter boat will take you there. The beach offers visitors soft white sand and glowing blue Caribbean water. You’ll find good snorkeling, probably the best on St. Croix. This is because Buck Island is a National Monument and is protected. So remember, leave only foot prints and don’t touch any of the coral or wildlife when snorkeling. It’s the best way to keep paradise…paradise!

Sandy Point Beach

When island hopping the Caribbean, Crystal and I always search out the pristine wildlife refuges or national parks. That’s typically where you’ll find some of the best beaches and that’s what you’ll find at Sandy Point Beach. Located on the southwestern tip of St. Croix, Sandy Point Beach is a 3-mile stretch of beach that is simply stunning. Because it’s a little out of the way, it’s typically not very crowded, in fact, you might be the only ones there! Those are the places we love the best! Keep in mind though that Sandy Point Beach doesn’t have any chair or umbrella rental options, nor any beach bars, so just remember to bring your own shade and refreshments if you are going to stay.

Also, remember that because it’s a wildlife refuge, the beach is only open on the weekends and when there is a cruise ship in port. And even then, it will be completely closed April thru August due to sea turtle nesting. We love places that give the wildlife a break from human activity.

Jack’s Bay Beach and Isaac’s Bay Beach

For these two St. Croix beaches, we take you to the other side of the island from our last beach, Sandy Point Beach. Jack’s Bay Beach and Isaac’s Bay Beach are located on the far east end of St. Croix on the south side of the point. They are right next to each other and are definitely off-the-beaten-path. Some locals even consider them “secret beaches” and typically don’t like to mention them. Due to their remote location, remember to bring chairs and shade if you are staying long, you won’t find any rental options.

To get there, drive to Point Udall and park your car on the side of the road. Then walk down the dirt road on the right and you’ll find a trail. You’ll come upon Issac’s Bay Beach first. If you continue walking over the small hill, you’ll reach Jack’s Bay Beach. These are two postcard perfect St. Croix beaches that we highly recommend you visit. When you do, hit us up on Instagram at @CaribbeanCastaways and let us know what you thought!

Carambola Beach/Davis Beach

Carambola Beach St Croix

If you’re looking for a St. Croix beach with all the amenities, then look no further that Carambola Beach (also referred to as Davis Beach), home to Carambola Beach Resort and Spa. It’s one of the top all-inclusive resorts in St. Croix, so you know you’re going to find a well manicured grounds and beach. Here you will find a restaurant, and you’ll be able to rent beach chairs, umbrellas and even try out some of the properties water sports.

Because all St. Croix beaches are public beaches, you’ll be able to park your car in the parking lot and walk down the steps to the left of the resort to get to the beach.

We love this beach because of the dramatic mountain views it offers. You can look down the coastline and see the beautiful ruggedness of St. Croix.

Buccaneer Beach

We are going to stay with the resort beaches and tell you about Buccaneer Beach. This beautiful beach is located at St Croix’s stunning 5-star hotel, The Buccaneer. This beach is great because you’ll never be bored, there is so much you can do! So whether you’re there with a family, kids, there as a couple, or even a group out looking for a good time, Buccaneer Beach has what you are looking for. We like this spot, because it also has a great beach bar! I’m telling you, we search out beach bars like blood hounds.

Coakley Bay Beach

Coakley Beach is known as a great spot for kitesurfing and snorkeling. Located on the east end of St. Croix, this beautiful white sand beach offers visitors stunning views of Buck Island and plenty of shade under the sea grape trees. To get there you’ll go down a dirty road and then you’ll see some parking. It won’t be crowded, but do remember to wear water shoes some some type of footwear when getting into water. There are lots of rocks which sea urchins like to hang on to. We are big fans of Keen shoes and highly recommend them.

Hotel on the Cay Beach

We love this St. Croix beach because it’s on it’s own island in the heart of Christiansted! Hotel on the Cay Beach (also called Protestant Cay Beach) has soft golden sand and is surrounded by beautiful Caribbean water. Another great thing about this beach is that…you guessed it…it has a beach bar! The restaurant serves up great food and their is plenty to do as they offer a host of rental options–everything from beach chairs and umbrellas, to jet ski and paddle board rentals.

Cane Bay Beach

With calm waters, Cane Bay Beach is a great spot for families with younger kids. It might not be as naturally beautiful as some of the other St. Croix beaches we have listed, but it makes up for it with lots of things to do. If you love to scuba and snorkel, then you are going to love Cane Bay Beach. You can do a shore dive right from the beach and reach the The Wall dive site which is about 500 yards off shore.

You’ll find plenty of rental options here; beach chairs, umbrellas, snorkeling gear and other water sports options. Like I said, there’s plenty to do on Cane Bay Beach!

Columbus Landing Beach

This north shore beach was named because it’s said that Christopher Columbus landed here on his second trip to the new world. This beach relatively small with beautiful white sand beach, and just a couple rocky spots. Columbus Landing Beach is a great shore diving (scuba) spot as the water deepens quickly.  It’s also good for swimming, snorkeling.

Cramer’s Park Beach

On the East End’s north shore, near Point Udall. A large public park and beach popular with locals for family gatherings and parties. Can get crowded and loud on the weekends. Water is shallow and usually pretty calm, a good spot for kids. Good snorkeling snorkeling, lots of seagrape trees for good shade. There are bathroom facilities, grills, and picnic tables. Camping is also allowed.

Reef Beach

Located on the east end of St. Croix in Teague Bay, Reef Beach is a small and quiet piece of paradise. The waves can be choppy because it’s relatively open to the wind, but this also makes it a great beach for kite boarding and wind surfing. You won’t find any amenities or rental options here other than parking.

Sand Castle Beach

This fun beach is located just south of the Frederiksted Pier, making it a great options for anyone arriving to St. Croix on a cruise ship. Sand Castle Beach (also known as Dorch Beach) is a nice long stretch of beach with calm blue waters which makes it good for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkeling. It’s a great place to post up and spend the day because it has a restaurant and bar, and beach chair rental options. Just sit back with your rum punch and watch the world go by, that’s the recipe for a perfect beach day.

Grapetree Beach

Grapetree beach is located on the east end of St. Croix, just off Route 60 (the South Shore Rd.) between Point Udall and the Divi Carina Bay Resort. It offers visitors a wide stretch of sand with calm water which are protected by a reef. Grapetree Beach is a great place watch the sunrise and has been known to be a great spot for spotting sea turtles.

Shoys Beach

Shoys Beach is a beautiful sand crescent this is located just to the east of Christiansted. It’s stretches out a quite a ways in both directions, offering a huge amount of space to beach goers. Shoys Beach is typically not very busy, and if you go during the middle of the week, there’s a good chance you might be the only one there. The protected bay makes it a great spot for swimming and those with younger kids. You won’t find any rental options here has as the land around the beach is private homes.

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St. Croix beaches

Chenay Bay Beach

Chenay Bay Beach is a great beach for young children as its waters are calm and shallow. It’s located just to the east of our last beach and is home to the Chenay Bay Hotel. You’ll have access to the hotel’s bar and restaurant which are located next to the beach. They also have kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boards and other water sports options for you to rent. The beach stretches west into the Southgate Coastal Reserve, so you’re going to find that side of the beach very pristine and peaceful.

St. Croix Beaches Near Cruise Port

We know a lot of people visit St. Croix via cruise ship. So we wanted to list the beaches that are closest to the cruise ship port.

  • Frederiksted Beach – Just to the left of the cruise ship dock
  • Lagrange Beach – Just north of Frederiksted beach
  • Rainbow Beach – Home of Rhythms Beach Bar
  • Sand Castle Beach – Just south of cruise ship dock
  • West End Beach – South of cruise Sandcastle Beach
  • Sandy Point Beach – South of West End Beach

St. Croix Beaches Map

St. Croix beaches map

From our friends at Villa Margarita.

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Best Places To Stay on St. Croix

If you are looking for a place to stay on St. Croix there are plenty of options. From mountain side villas to to luxury resorts, there is something for every budget. Here is a list of a few hotels and villas that we recommend.

St. Croix Deals & Discounts

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I hope you have all the info you need about St. Croix beaches to have a fantastic Virgin Islands vacation. If you have any questions about St. Croix or the other Virgin Islands, we’re happy to help point you in the right direction. Our job as Caribbean bloggers is to help you have the best vacation possible and see some cool things that are off the busy tourist trail. Those are the places that we love the most and when we find them, we always share them with you!

Hit us up on Instagram at @CaribbeanCastaways if you have any questions.


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