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If you’re looking for someplace in Florida to escape to, then put St. Augustine on your list. This north Florida destination has it all—stunning beaches, oodles of history, some of the coolest bars and restaurants, and some pretty spin-tingling ghost stories.

Because the Caribbean has been a bit more difficult to get to due to all the covid restrictions, Crystal and I have been exploring our home state of Florida more. We’ve done trips to Boca Grande, St. Pete Beach, Bonita Springs, and the Florida Keys.

Our most recent trip was to St. Augustine, Florida. It was a long six hour drive as we were pulling a camper, but it was very much worth it. Camping at RV resorts is new for us, but we had a great time!

North Beach Camp Resort St. Augustine Florida

We recorded a podcast episode so you can hear about the beaches, the city, and the North Beach Camp Resort we stayed at. If you’re looking to explore St. Augustine, then give it a listen below.

Podcast Trip Report – Things To Do In St. Augustine, Florida

To give you a lay of the land, St. Augustine sits in northeast Florida on the St. Augustine inlet. The inlet breaks the beach up into two different parts. On the south, you have St. Augustine Beach and on the north you have Vilano Beach.

The North Beach Camp Resort where we stayed was a few miles north on Vilano Beach. It was in a great location squeezed between the Atlantic Ocean and the Tolomato River, part of the Intracoastal Waterway.

St. Augustine Florida

We loved North Beach Camp Resort because of it’s location and because each RV campsite was relatively private. There were two great restaurants within walking distances as well. The Reef and Aunt Kate’s. We tell you all about the restaurants, the city and the beaches in the podcast episode.

North Beach Camp Resort St. Augustine

St. Augustine Beach

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things to do in St Augustine Florida

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