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Good day, my name is Ryan and I run the popular Caribbean travel blog, Thank you for your interest in our Best of the Caribbean Directory. It’s the perfect way for your tourism-based business to reach and connect with a huge audience of over 400,000 people that frequently travel to the Caribbean. I really think you are going to like the results.

All the details are explained in the video above by yours truly.

We are looking for a unique blend of hotels, resorts, restaurants, charters, and tours to be listed in the Best of the Caribbean Directory. To see if you qualify for a listing, please complete the application form on this page and tell us a little bit about your business.

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Unfortunately, we can’t take all businesses. We are only allowing 15 listings per destination category. This gives our partners exclusivity and a ton of targeted traffic, while at the same time giving our audience a valuable list of recommended accommodations, restaurants, and activities that will help them plan their next Caribbean vacation.

Listings are only $350 for a year. A small cost for big value. Less than the costs of a bottle of water a day! We are selling listings each day, so timing is important.   

The Best of the Caribbean Directory is one of the best, and most affordable ways for you to market your business using one of the top influencers/bloggers in the Caribbean travel niche. Plus, we are a lot of fun to work with!

We are looking forward to learning more about your business, and building a relationship with you that will help you grow while also giving people amazing experiences during their vacation in the beautiful Caribbean.

To apply or if you just have questions and want to chat, I invite you to fill out the form on this page or email me at [email protected]. Thank you!

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What People Are Saying

“The return on my investment happened fast, and I still get new leads from my listing.”

A. Jones, Aruba Charter Boat Operator

“Ryan and his blog are great. Long time followers. We jumped at the chance to work with them.”

T. Peixoto, Cayman Islands Resort

“Easy influencer to work with, and we love the content they produce. Can see listing traffic already. “

D. Munnings, Bahamas Restaurant Group

Who Are We? We Are Caribbean Travel Bloggers

My name is Ryan (aka RumShopRyan), my wife (Castaway Crystal) have run one of the most popular Caribbean travel blogs on the internet since 2009. Yes, we have a large audience, but it’s all about helping them connect with partners like you that can give them an amazing experience they’ll remember and tell their friends about.

caribbean influencer travel blogger

I, Ryan, have been in marketing and advertising since 2001. Totally just aged myself there! I’ve helped dozens of businesses through the years grow, get more customers and improve their brand. But being both the marketer and the influencer puts me in a unique position to see things from both the business point of view, and the influencer’s perspective. If you have any questions about any marketing at all, I’d be happy to help.

Crystal is a fantastic photographer, witty writer, social media whiz and a licensed massage therapist. She’s the best! Together we inspire people to travel to the Caribbean and show them the best places to stay, best places to eat, and best things to do.

Who We Have Worked With

We are humbled to have worked with dozens of businesses both big and small. 

Hotels & Resorts | Boards of Tourism | Charter Boats | Restaurants | Rum Companies | Real Estate | Private Villas

  • Almost Heaven Villa, BVI
  • Anse Chastanet Resort, St. Lucia
  • Avila Beach Resort, Curacao
  • Bahamas Board of Tourism
  • CocoMaya Restaurant, BVI
  • Costa Del Mar Sunglasses
  • Epic Yacht Charters
  • Fury Watersports, Key West
  • Hendo’s Hideout, BVI
  • Historic Inns of Key West
  • Island Windjammers Cruises
  • Key West Express Ferry
  • Longboard Restaurant, USVI
  • Papa’s Pilar Rum
  • Pirate’s Point Resort, CI
  • Punta Cana Real Estate
  • Refined Retreats, Anguilla
  • Reggae Beach Bar, St. Kitts
  • Rum Festival Bahamas
  • Southern Cross Club, CI
  • Sugar Bay Barbados
  • Sunset at the Palms, Jamaica
  • The Moorings Yacht Charters
  • Tortuga Music Festival
  • Treasure Cay Resort, Bahamas
  • Turks & Caicos Collection
  • Vibe Collection Jewelry, USVI
  • Westin Grand Cayman
  • White Bay Villas, BVI
  • Xanadu Island Resort, Belize
  • Young Island Resort, SVG
best of the caribbean

Apply For The BEST OF THE CARIBBEAN Directory

Our partners are seeing great results and we would love to do the same for you. Fill out the form and apply to get your business listed in the BEST OF THE CARIBBEAN directory.

Thank you!
Ryan & Crystal

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