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Find out how to have a better Caribbean vacation and be entertained by crazy island stories by listening to his free podcast, The Caribbean Castaways. If you are using an Apple iPhone or iPad, then go here to listen to the podcast. If you are using another type of mobile device, then go to Google Play or Spotify to listen to his podcast. Anyone using their computer can just go to iTunes or Apple Podcasts on their iPhone and search for “Caribbean Castaways.”

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What Others Are Saying

Amazing Podcast

“I love y’all’s good podcast to escape everyday.Cheers y’all and to every castaway out there.”

PirateClearwaterBeach , via Apple Podcasts

Great way to get inside info

“I had followed Rum Shop Ryan for many years now. I love the evolution over the years. Now with Castaway Crystal even better. Good Luck and the podcasts are great so far! “

SueTGGR , via Apple Podcasts

Great podcast!

“Great Caribbean travel podcast with very helpful info. Love the blog, FB page, IG, etc. Looking forward to listening to the rest!”

Linda's H, via Apple Podcasts

Way to get it in!

“Great information for anyone who travels to or aspires to travel to the Caribbean islands. Love the charismatic personalities! Let the rum flow! Cheers!”

Mango Eddie, via Apple Podcasts

Great podcast

“Like you guys I too enjoy visiting the Caribbean. I love the content and find it will be useful when making future trips to the Caribbean.”

Newy1313, via Apple Podcasts

Loved it!

“Great job on your podcast! Love talking about traveling and anything about the Caribbean. I’m a travel agent looking to stay off and on in the Caribbean in a few years. My husband and I travel quite a bit also and are always looking for another beach bar. We both follow you on Facebook and Instagram! Keep up the good work!”

Arizona1966, via Apple Podcasts

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