The Caribbean Preferred Card


Caribbean Discount Card

Get Access To Hundreds of Caribbean Discounts & Promotions

You Will Save Hundreds on Hotels, Dining, Charters, Tours and Shopping with the Caribbean Preferred Card.


caribbean discounts

Solving A Big Problem

You’re trying to plan a Caribbean vacation, but you’re not sure what hotels have the best deals, what restaurants have the best happy hours, or which tours have the best discounts.

You might see a couple deals and discounts here-and-there on Facebook, but you know there has to be a lot you’re missing. It’s frustrating because you could be saving a lot of money, but you just don’t know where to look.

How is there no “one place” to see all the discounts, promotions, and offers for a desired destination?

Now there is.

The Caribbean Preferred Card gives you access to the largest collection of island discounts, promotions, and offers. There are dozens of discounts that will save you more than the price of the card!

Vacation planning and saving money just got a whole lot easier. The Caribbean Preferred Card truly is your Key to the Caribbean.

P.S. - Leaving soon? These recommended links below will help you save money and book your trip:

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caribbean discounts

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