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It’s been three months since my time on beautiful St. Kitts as the first Marriott Beach Blogger, but I still find my mind wandering back to its sun baked beaches, towering mountains and the new friends I made there. What better way to relive those memories than to make video and give it a reggae soundtrack right!

This relatively small leeward island packs a lot of punch into its 65 square mile landmass. You can easily spend a full week on St. Kitts and still not have enough time to explore all its treasures.

Below is Part 1 of a short video series I want to dedicate to St. Kitts. There was just way to much island beauty to pack into one video and keep the length somewhat short.

In this video you’ll see our rainforest ziplining experience, our tour of Brimstone Hill Fortress the largest fort in all the Caribbean, then you’ll see our sunset cruise aboard the sleek Spirit of St. Kitts Catamaran and finally we’ll end with a beach bonfire at the Shiggidy Shack beach bar on Frigate Bay. If you can believe this all happened just on day 2.

St. Kitts Video Montage Part 1

I can almost hear the gears in your head turning right now, you’re thinking St. Kitts just moved up on your list of Caribbean destinations. You’re fumbling around for your travel agent’s phone number and trying to remember how many vacation days you have left at work. Trust me, I understand your excitement and eagerness for an island adventure. It’s easy to get seduced. The best solution…give in to the seduction.

I want to give a big thanks to…

Look for Part 2 next week!

By the way, today just happens to be “Talk Like A Pirate Day“. So be sure to call all your coworkers big “scallywags” and tell your special someone that you want them to “Shiver-your-timbers” tonight. It’s worth a try right!


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