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When I first laid eyes on Salt Whistle Bay it was from the water aboard the Diamant. We were rounding the north end of Mayreau after spending the day limin’ in the Tobago Cays. The small sheltered bay was packed with anchored boats and the golden sand was densely covered in coconut palms. I was excited to learn that we would have the opportunity to spend some time there the following day.

Getting to Salt Whistle from our anchorage in Saline Bay on Mayreau is a story I’m going to tell later. Let’s just say the strenuous journey was well worth the effort, because when you first emerge from the palms and set eyes on this crescent shaped paradise, you’d swear you’d just stepped into heaven.

Salt Whistle Bay Mayreau

Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau

When I first emerged from the palms and pivoted my head from side to side, I noticed a small beach shack on the south end of the beach. Its waving flags and brightly colored paint job screamed beach bar, and after the long walk getting to Salt Whistle I could sure could use a cold beer to cool down. It’s 10am? Who cares! It’s vacation mon!

I walked into the humble beach bar and took a look around. Constructed of just plywood, scrap wood, aluminum and a sand floor, I knew I had come to the right place. The name of this Salt Whistle Bay beach bar is Black Boy & Debbie’s.

Black Boy and Debbies Beach Bar

The owner Debbie was smoothing the sand floor with an old broom, clearing out the drunken footstops that called this beach bar home the night before. I felt bad for stepping on where she had just smoothed it out, but not that bad, I was thirsty. I ordered a Hairoun, the main beer of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, sat down to change out my memory card and took in the spectacular views.

I was soon joined by my shipmates, the Bama Babes. They found the baby! Yes, that’s what they called me the entire trip because I was the youngest aboard. When sailing on a relatively small ship such as the Diamant, you can’t help but become friends with everyone aboard. It’s a much more intimate and fun environment than a large cruise line. One that I will take ever time.

Salt Whistle Bay Beach Bar

A Castaway In Paradise

Anyways, the Bama Babes walked in and were thirsty for rum punch. Our young bartender sadly spilled the news that they didn’t have any ice for the punch. Okay, then how about a round of beers? Again the young bartender looked sheepishly into our eyes and said the beers weren’t cold because they had no ice, but that he could send someone down the road to fetch some cold Hairoun.

I wasn’t going to wait, I had exploring to do, photos to take and videos to shoot. I was happy that I got the last cold beer, I grabbed my gear and set out to learn more about Salt Whistle.

I’m not going to hold the fact that Black Boy & Debbie’s didn’t have ice for rum punch or cold beer against them. It was early in the morning and it’s the Caribbean, these things happen. You take it with a smile, say thank you and move on. Now if this were to happen here in the states, all hell would be raised for sure. Hell it might even end up in the newspaper. Here in the Caribbean you just go with the slow flow of life and be thankful that you get to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Black Boy & Debbie’s is the only beach bar at Salt Whistle Bay. The beach is home to a nice hotel that does have a bar set back into the trees, but I wouldn’t call that a real beach bar. Only Black Boy & Dibbie’s fits that bill on this sandy paradise.

Have you been to Salt Whistle Bay and enjoyed drinks at Black Boy & Debbie’s? We would love to hear about your experience.


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